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YES! W E  M A K E  Y O U  D A N C E


More than just a school, Dance Spot Zurich is for you the chance to experience real evolution while enjoying a second home friendly atmosphere.


Our qualified active teachers as their important backgrounds, enabled us to create an effective system that might satisfy different students with different goals.

Our school offers courses of many dance styles, so reaching many ages, cultures and sectors of our community.

polyvalent dancefloor, 10m wall mirrors, intern bar, chilling corner, wardrobe are components of our beautiful and modern dance room. That enjoys the whole TMC Zentrum structure.


Yes, exactly YOU are who we were waiting for!

Adults, children, youth and all family members.

Take a look at our current offers!

Worauf wartest Du? Ruf uns an, schreib uns eine Mail und dann ab auf die Tanzfläche!

Wir freuen uns auf Dich! Bei uns gibt's für alle was!


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